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Emilie Gordenker CODART board member

The Mauritshuis’s director Emilie Gordenker has recently been appointed to the board of CODART. She will serve on this board for a four-year term.

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Greetings from Bentheim,
Jacob van Ruisdael

Jacob van Ruisdael is arguably the greatest Dutch landscape painter of the 17th century. The painter’s fascination with Bentheim Castle takes centre stage in the exhibition Greetings from Bentheim, Jacob van Ruisdael, which opens in the Mauritshuis in The Hague on 29 February 2009. Van Ruisdael first saw the castle in 1650 while travelling through the Dutch-German border region. He painted it at least 15 times, giving his imagination free rein. The exhibition will include six of his views of Bentheim Castle, supplemented with works featuring the castle by other artists, including a painting by Berchem and drawings by Waterloo and De Moucheron.

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Mauritshuis to receive substantial increase in subsidy

The Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis is delighted to announce that Minister of Culture Ronald Plasterk has promised a € 1.5 m increase in its annual subsidy, in recognition of international excellence. The announcement by the Ministry of Culture ensures that the Mauritshuis will be able to pursue its plans for the future.

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Pride of Place
Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age

The Mauritshuis is organising an exhibition of Dutch cityscapes of the Golden Age in the autumn of 2008. Interest in urban development was just as great in the seventeenth century as it is now. New ramparts were raised outside the city gates, squares and market places emerged, streets were laid and canals dug; in short, cities gained ever more ground. Many painters were captivated by the burgeoning metropolis, which became a new and appealing subject. Jan van der Heyden and Gerrit Berckheyde were the most consistent and best known practitioners of this genre. They depicted Amsterdam and Haarlem many times over. Among the cities ‘portrayed’ in the seventeenth century, and also be on view in the exhibition, are Dordrecht, Hoorn, Nijmegen, Middelburg and The Hague.

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Dutch Portraits draws 96,000 visitors

More than 96,000 visitors seized the opportunity to meet their distant forefathers at the exhibition Dutch portraits. Sixty magnificent paintings offered an representative and impressive survey of 17th-century Dutch portraiture. The uncontested grand masters, Rembrandt and Frans Hals, were represented with nine and twelve works, respectively. In addition, one or more works by some 25 other painters were on display.

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Mauritshuis acquires sea view masterpiece

The Mauritshuis is delighted to announce the acquisition of Seascape with Ships (c. 1660) by Jan van de Cappelle, who was born in Amsterdam in 1626 and died there in 1679. This painting is the most impressive of Jan van de Cappelle’s sea views still in private hands. The work was purchased in December 2007, and is the last in a series of over thirty acquisitions made for the Mauritshuis by Frits Duparc, who steps down today as director of the museum. 

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Museum Plus Bus on its way

On Tuesday, 15 January 2008, the Museum Plus Bus will embark on its first journey, taking participants from the Welfare for the Elderly Foundation in Schagen to the Rijksmuseum and the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Throughout the year from 15 January onwards, the Museum Plus Bus will take senior citizens on weekday museum package tours, allowing them to choose between the seven museums that are participating in the Museum Plus Bus.

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