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number of results: 15
painter Anthonis Mor van Dashorst  
title Portrait of Steven van Herwijck (c.1530- 1565/67)  
period 1564  
material paneel  
dimensions 118 x 89 cm  
inventory number 117
painter Joachim Beuckelaer  
title Kitchen scene with Christ at Emmaus  
period c.1560-1565  
material panel  
dimensions 109.5 x 169 cm  
inventory number 965
painter Nicholas Hilliard  
title Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)  
material vellum op karton (ovaal)  
dimensions 4 x 3.2 cm  
inventory number 1000
painter Anthonis Mor van Dashorst (and studio)  
title Portrait of a man  
period 1561  
material canvas  
dimensions 69.2 x 55.8 cm  
inventory number 559
painter Hans Bol  
title Imaginary landscape with John the Evangelist on Patmos  
period 1564  
material doek  
dimensions 50.5 x 85.5 cm  
inventory number 1043
painter Luca Cambiaso  
title Madonna and Child, with John the Baptist  
period c.1565  
material paneel  
dimensions 84 x 67 cm  
inventory number 313
painter Luca Cambiaso  
title The birth of the Virgin  
period c.1570  
material doek  
dimensions 183 x 168 cm  
inventory number 314
painter Jan Keynooghe  
title Perseus and Andromeda  
period 1561  
material panel (round)  
dimensions 22.4 cm (diameter)  
inventory number 923
painter Giovanni Battista Moroni  
title Portrait of Vercellino Olivazzi  
period c.1565?  
material doek  
dimensions 98 x 81 cm  
inventory number 767
painter Raphael (after)  
title The Holy Family with St John the Baptist  
material paneel  
dimensions 32.5 x 25 cm  
inventory number 339
painter Maerten de Vos  
title Moses showing the tablets of the law to the Israelites, with portraits of members of the Panhuys family, their relatives and friends  
period 1574-1575  
material paneel  
dimensions 153 x 237.5 cm  
inventory number 249
painter Anonymous (France)  
title Portrait of the brothers Gaspard (1519-1572), Odet (1517-1571) and François (1512-1569) de Châtillon-Coligny  
period <1579  
material doek  
dimensions 191 x 163 cm  
inventory number 432
painter Anonymous (Italy)  
title Christ  
period c.1500-1600  
material paneel  
dimensions 51 x 41.5 cm  
inventory number 317
painter Anonymous (Italy)  
title Portrait of a man  
period c.1550-1600  
material doek  
dimensions 110 x 91 cm  
inventory number 327
painter Anonymous (Italy)  
title Portrait of a man  
period c.1550-1600  
material doek  
dimensions 59.5 x 45 cm  
inventory number 811