Prison Gate Museum and Prince William V Gallery open to the public!

The Hague, 17 August 2010 

The Prison Gate Museum (Museum de Gevangenpoort) and Prince William V Gallery (Galerij Prins Willem V) will open their doors to the public from 2 September 2010. These two historic buildings on the Hofvijver have just completed extensive renovation and refurbishment. The new complex will offer visitors the opportunity to explore a centuries-old complex that tells the story of legal and royal power in the Netherlands from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century. At the Prison Gate Museum, the building and collection show how Dutch prisoners were incarcerated, tried and punished; at the Prince William V Gallery, visitors will encounter an eighteenthcentury royal collection.

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Gerrit van Honthorst, Double Portrait of Frederik Hendrik and Amalia of Solms, c.1637-1638
Cornelis Troost, Allegory on the War with France in 1747, 1747
Gerrit van Honthorst, Double Portrait of Prince Willem III and his Aunt Maria, Princess of Orange, as Children, 1653
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