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Prince William V Gallery

In 1774 the Stadholder William V, Prince of Orange-Nassau (1748-1806), brought the most important paintings of his collection together in this building on the Buitenhof and regularly opened his picture gallery to the public. This made the Gallery the first public collection of paintings in the Netherlands.

The majority of William V’s collection was brought to the Mauritshuis in 1822, robbing the Gallery on the Buitenhof of its function. It has now been refubished as a museum.

The Gallery gives a good impression of artistic tastes in the 18th century – the age of the periwig. Following the custom at that time, the walls of the long gallery are covered with paintings from floor to ceiling. Most of the paintings on display are by artists who were popular in the 18th century, such as Jan Steen, Philips Wouwerman, Abraham Bloemaert and Gerard ter Borch. The paintings come from the Mauritshuis, supplemented by paintings on loan from other collections.

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