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Artikelnummer: 99999
Masters from the Mauritshuis

Beautiful book to accompany our exhibition Masters from the Mauritshuis. Also available in Dutch.
Artikelnummer: 1444
Museum guide Nét echt!! Of tóch niet?
Net echt!! Of toch niet?

The museum guide for children is brimming with beautiful pictures, interesting facts and cheerful illustrations. For children aged 8 to 12. (Dutch only)
Artikelnummer: 531
Rembrandt in the Mauritshuis
Rembrandt Boekje

A handy and illuminating overview of all Rembrandts in the Mauritshuis. Also available in Dutch.
Artikelnummer: 53
Vermeer in the Mauritshuis
Vermeer in het Mauritshuis (Engels)

A richly illustrated book about all Vermeer's paintings in the Mauritshuis.
Artikelnummer: 1199
Jan Steen in the Mauritshuis
Jan Steen in het Mauritshuis

A colourful overview of all the Jan Steen paintings in the Mauritshuis. Only available in Dutch.
Artikelnummer: 551
Children in the Mauritshuis
Children in the Mauritshuis

A playful overview of all the paintings of children in the Mauritshuis. Also available in Dutch.
Artikelnummer: 550
Flowers in the Mauritshuis

A colourful overview of all the flowerpaintings in the Mauritshuis. English language version. Also available in Dutch.