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Pride of Place

The Mauritshuis is organising an exhibition of Dutch cityscapes of the Golden Age in the autumn of 2008. Interest in urban development was just as great in the seventeenth century as it is now. New ramparts were raised outside the city gates, squares and market places emerged, streets were laid and canals dug; in short, cities gained ever more ground. Many painters were captivated by the burgeoning metropolis, which became a new and appealing subject.

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Ten Towns in One Tour

On 11 October, the Mauritshuis opens an extraordinary new exhibition: Pride of Place. Dutch cityscapes of the Golden Age will grace the museum galleries. The world-famous View of Delft by Vermeer (c. 1660/61) is the point of departure for this exhibition. Inspired by Vermeer, the museum has selected approximately thirty-five cityscapes, most of which are by celebrated masters, such as Jan van der Heyden, Gerrit Berckheyde, Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan van Goyen and Aelbert Cuyp. Lesser-known painters, including Abraham van Calraet and Jan Christian Micker, are also represented with some surprising and unexpected impressions of the city at the time.

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