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4 January 2009Family Day


Illustrated Guide
City Guide of the Seven United Provinces

With this illustrated guide in hand, look at the paintings in the show and take a special tour of Dutch cities in the Golden Age. Designed like a city guide, this illustrated booklet is organised around three themes: 'Highlights' profiles the most important cityscapes; 'Zoom In' examines the development of the cityscape as an artistic genre; and 'Painters in the City' looks at life in and around the city. To make your journey even more special use the illustrated guide in combination with the multimedia tour. This allows you to compare the 17th-century cityscapes with current photographs of the city. Download the illustrated guide here free of charge as of 6 October.

The illustrated guide is in Dutch.


The illustrated guide is free of charge. Click on one of the profiles to download the illustrated guide.
Zoom in
Painters in the city