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Family Day 4 January 2009

For who:
For people of all ages


Come with your entire family to the museum, there is so much to do on 4 January!
Your parents and grandparents can listen to a ‘Gallery Talk’ in the exhibition, or enjoy beautiful music in the Golden Room. You can join Steven the City Musician on his children’s audio guide, and listen to his tales of city life in the Golden Age. You can also have a city painted on your face, or get going with the puzzle hunt ‘Into the City!’ And, if you solve the riddle, you will receive a surprise to take home with you! If you are interested in doing more than looking and would like to make your own work of art, sign up for one of the special workshops:

Workshop: 'City in the Snow'
(for children aged 6 and up)
Often the city looks even more beautiful when it snows. In this workshop, you will make your own city snow globe. First, you draw a city view, which is then put into a snow globe. Shake it and watch the glistening snowflakes dance around your city! Naturally, you can take your city snow globe home with you.

Poetry Workshop: 'City View?...Make Your Poetic Debut!'
(for children age 8 and up)
Writing poems is an art. Interested in learning how to do it? Then take part in this poetry workshop. You step into the shoes of a city poet and together with a museum teacher you look at the cityscapes in the exhibition. Full of inspiration, you then get to work on your own city poem. And... if you want, you can recite your poem in the museum!

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Registration required for the workshops
If you want to take one of the workshops,
sign up now.

Admission fees for the workshops
€ 5.00 per child

€ 2.50 for children with the The Hague Vakantiepas