Prince William V Gallery, a princely collection
A long, high-ceilinged room with views over the Hofvijver. Heavy curtains hang in front of the windows and glittering chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling. The walls are hung from top to bottom with paintings. Extravagance and luxury: these are the defining features of the Prince William V Gallery.

Around 150 paintings hang in the Gallery. They are mainly by Dutch and Flemish masters such as Steen, Potter, van Mieris, van Honthorst and Rubens. Together they give an impression of Stadholder William V’s eighteenth-century collection of paintings. And of the splendour and luxury of a royal collection.

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Marie-Anne Falconet, née Collot, Bust of Stadholder Willem V, 1782
Antonio Zanchi, Sisyphus, c.1660-1665
Paulus Potter, Cows Reflected in the Water, 1648
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