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This painting is the collaborative effort of two famous Flemish painters: Jan Brueghel the Elder, who painted the landscape, and the animals, and Peter Paul Rubens, who painted the figures. Brueghel and Rubens made several collaborative paintings, which were intended as showpieces combining the best of both artists.

The great number of exotic animals is indeed impressive. Monkeys, dromedaries and an elephant are among the inhabitants of paradise, as are parrots, a peacock, a bird of paradise and an ostrich. The lion, tiger and leopard coexist peacefully with cattle and deer.

The actual subject of the painting is original sin. Tempted by the serpent, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit. This caused humankind – ever after tainted by sin and guilt – to be driven out of paradise for good.


Jan Brueghel the Elder with Peter Paul Rubens
The garden of Eden with the fall of man
74.3 x 114.7 cm
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