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View the Mauritshuis with Your Ears: Jett Rebel

One painting, one performer, one great song. With View the Mauritshuis with Your Ears, we ask well-known performers to draw inspiration from artworks in our collection. In December 2020, Dutch band The Kik released the fifth track Ware Jakob. Next up it’s the turn of a solo artist to delve into a painting in our collection again – taking up the baton from The Kik is none other than Jett Rebel!

Listen below to his new track Heaven's got a place for you, which Jett Rebel was inspired to write by the Mauritshuis collection!

Listen to the song Heaven's got a place for you by Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel's choice

jett rebel, view the mauritshuis with your ears, rubens

Jett Rebel is getting to work with the sixth track for View the Mauritshuis with Your Views. Earlier this year, he had the Mauritshuis to himself during a guided tour with Geert-Jan Borgstein. Brimming with curiosity, he entered the museum rooms and took in the paintings. He was interested in questions such as ‘how did they come about’ and ‘how do they move with you’? He took his time in front of several paintings and even had a good lie down to admire Ger Lataster’s ceiling painting. But which painting spoke to him the most, and which one contained the themes that he himself wanted to tackle in a song?

To his own surprise, the decision has been made: his choice is the ‘modello’, or preparatory sketch, for the Virgin Mary’s ascent into heaven by Peter Paul Rubens, which contains subjects such as death, family and enlightenment.

The story behind the painting and the song

About Jett Rebel

Jett Rebel – real name Jelte Steven Tuinstra – is a Dutch solo artist who performs in different band formations. As well as a great voice, he also composes memorable tunes and is a multi-instrumentalist and producer. It’s no exaggeration to call him a true musical jack-of-all-trades and multi-talent. His musical talent didn’t come out of nowhere: he grew up surrounded by music. His parents were musical and played in various groups and choirs. From a young age, Jett joined his parents on musical weekends, which for him were the highlight of his week. We can’t wait to find out what happens when he unleashes this musical talent on one of our paintings.

jett rebel, view the mauritshuis with your ears


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