Exhibitions and activities 2023

Mauritshuis program 2023

10 Oct 2022

0670 Repro

The exhibition Loot - 10 stories that was scheduled from July 6 has been postponed to autumn 2023. We will keep everyone informed of the exact date.

My Girl with a Pearl (beginning of February - 4 June)

From February 2023, the world-famous and best-loved masterpiece in the collection, Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, will be on loan to the Rijksmuseum for eight weeks for the largest Vermeer exhibition ever organised. Yet during that period, the Girl will also be on display in her familiar spot at the Mauritshuis. From her departure, everyone will have a chance to come and hang their own work, inspired by the Girl, in our museum's most important spot. The presentation My Girl with a Pearl shows that the Girl is recognisable in everything and everyone. In a son or daughter, the dog, an iron or even as an onion, corn on the cob or a frankfurter. Take something blue, something yellow, and voila: there she is! Incidentally, View on Delft and Diana and her nymphs will also go to Amsterdam, staying there until the end of the exhibition (4 June).

My Girl With A Pearl entry by @Danchappe
My Girl With A Pearl entry by @Danchappe

Jacobus Vrel, forerunner of Vermeer (16 February - 29 May)

We know almost nothing about the painter Vrel; the term 'enigmatic' certainly applies to him. He was active from about 1640 to 1660, worked somewhere in the eastern Netherlands and we know about 50 paintings by him: street scenes with figures and intimate, tranquil scenes indoors. Vrel is considered one of the pathfinders of famous painters such as Pieter de Hooch and Johannes Vermeer because of his unusual representations. For a long time, some of Vrel's paintings were even credited to Johannes Vermeer. The story of Vrel's rediscovery in the 19th and early 20th centuries will be told in this exhibition through a selection of his best works. Image above: Jacobus Vrel, Woman on a Chair, looking at a child behind the window. This exhibition will also be shown in Paris afterwards.

Jacobus Vrel, A Seated Woman Looking at a Child through a Window, after 1656. Paris, Fondation Custodia, Frits Lugt Collection
Jacobus Vrel, A Seated Woman Looking at a Child through a Window. Paris, Fondation Custodia, Frits Lugt Collection.

The New Vermeer (20 March - 4 June)

Abbie Vandivere, conservator at the Mauritshuis, will collaborate on the TV series The New Vermeer, which will be broadcast by the Dutch Omroep MAX in early '23. By Vermeer, 35 paintings are known, of six others we know a title but those works are most likely lost. The New Vermeer will ask professional artists, with the help of Abbie and Rijksmuseum curator Pieter Roelofs, to revive these six paintings. They will have to completely abandon their own style and get completely inside the 17th-century artist's head. The six new 'Vermeer paintings' will hang in the museum’s Foyer of the Mauritshuis from 20 March.

The Girl in 1665 (beginning of June)

And there is yet another project around the Girl. Over the past few years, conservator Abbie Vandivere has conducted extensive research into what the Girl looked like when Vermeer had just painted her, in 1665. Part of this presentation will probably be a huge 3D print of 4 x 3.5 metres of the Girl (10 x actual size), made in collaboration with Canon, TU Delft and Hirox. There will also be 3D prints of details of the Girl (100x200x actual size) and digital impressions of what the Girl may have looked like in 1665. The presentation will be in the same place in the museum’s Foyer as the paintings of The New Vermeer.

Loot - 10 stories (Autumn 2023 - January 2024)

A very topical subject will be at the centre of this exhibition, namely: looted art. In recent years, many museums at home and abroad have been investigating the provenance of their collections. These include both art with a wartime past, looted from Jewish owners in World War II, and colonial looted art. By properly mapping the history of the objects, the future of this looted art can be considered. This exhibition lets the, mostly virtual objects, tell their own history using virtual reality, augmented reality and replicas. The subject matter has a direct link to the Mauritshuis. Many of the paintings from this museum hung in the Louvre between 1795 and 1815, looted from The Hague by the French occupiers. In addition, paintings looted by the Nazis are in the collection.

François Bunel the Younger (attributed to),  The confiscation of the contents of an art dealer's gallery. 1590?
François Bunel the Younger (attributed to), The confiscation of the contents of an art dealer's gallery. 1590?