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Donating and bequeathing

Every donation is more than welcome. There are countless possibilities for your donation. There are also attractive fiscal opportunities which we are happy to discuss with you.

It is possible to donate to the Mauritshuis on a recurring basis. A donation of a fixed and regular annual amount for a period of at least 5 years is fully deductible from Dutch income tax, without threshold. Until 2014, a recurring donation could only be deducted if it was previously registered with a notary. Recurring donations from 2014 onwards are no longer subject to this requirement. You may choose to register the donation via the notary or in a written agreement with the Mauritshuis. We will be happy to advise you on this.

A regular or one-off donation is only deductible from Dutch income tax if the total of the donations in that year is greater than 1% of the combined income (at least € 60). There is a maximum deduction amount of 10% of the combined income.

Would you like to donate art? We will be happy to talk to you.


You can also name the Mauritshuis as a beneficiary in your will, or bequeath a legacy in the form of a specific amount or work of art. A legate or testamentary disposition can also be subjected to the terms of a named fund. In special cases, inheritance tax can also be satisfied with art, which can have fiscal advantages.


The Mauritshuis is a Public-Benefit Institution (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). This provides you as an individual with several options to deduct donations to the Mauritshuis from Dutch income tax. The Mauritshuis is not subject to inheritance tax for donations or testamentary acquisitions.

The Mauritshuis is also a Cultural Institution, which means that a donation on the basis of the Donation Law provides extra tax benefits. Furthermore, the Mauritshuis bears the CBF seal of approval.

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