875 voorzijde

Summer 2023

An extremely topical subject lies at the heart of this exhibition: looted art. Many museums both in the Netherlands and abroad have in recent years been researching the provenance of their collections. The research has considered both art with a war past, stolen from Jewish owners, and colonial looted art. By properly mapping out the history of the objects, the future of this plundered art can be considered.

The exhibition Looted Art lets the objects, which are mostly virtual, tell their own story by means of virtual reality, augmented reality and replicas. The subject matter has a direct connection to the Mauritshuis: the core collection hung in the Louvre from 1795 until 1815, having been taken from The Hague by the French occupying forces. There are also paintings in the collection that were stolen by the Nazis.

In partnership with the Humboldt Forum, Berlin.