Who are we?

A House of Stories

Scholieren Bekijken Rembrandts De Anatomische Les Van Dr Nicolaes Tulp In Mauritshuis Den Haag 1200

You are never going to find as many impressive paintings per square metre in the Netherlands as here, in the Mauritshuis. Our museum is home to a world-famous collection of 17th century masterpieces with Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring as the ‘icing on the cake’. We put all our love into making sure that everyone is able to enjoy our collection. That is, after all, what we’re here for!

Just like us

A visit to the Mauritshuis is always special. But that’s not only because we offer more than 250 paintings, the silk wall coverings on which they hang, and the creaky, historical floor under your feet… A visit to the Mauritshuis is so special because it makes you realise that you’re not alone. People were already seeking happiness and a peaceful home in the 17th century. They also made mistakes, questioned what love is, had to deal with migration, and tried to control pandemics.

Rembrandt Twee Zwarte Mannen Met Bezoekers Mauritshuis 1200

A New Look At Art

Our collection of paintings provides a historical context for what’s happening today. Knowledge about colonial history will make it easier to understand, not only the Black Lives Matter movement, but also the composition of the Dutch population. This is what we can offer you thanks to our eponym, Count Johan Maurits, who played an important role in the transatlantic slave trade. And how about the pandemics of those days? It’s helpful to be able to learn from our ancestors during the times of the Corona crisis. And what was their view of science? How did the plague and other contagious diseases develop?

Moeder met kinderen bekijken een tentoonstelling in het Mauritshuis


With over 250 works of art in our collection, there’s always something that will appeal to you. For example, a painting that inspires new ideas. Or one that somehow sharpens your perspective. Or simply moves you. You don’t need to be an experienced art connoisseur, and you may never even have been to a museum. You’ll always be welcome to enjoy our collection in your own good time. For us, that is the most important thing. Our mission is to make everyone feel at home here; to be moved and inspired.

Through The Eyes Of Others

The Mauritshuis puts you in touch with other visions of life, customs and times. With strange and surprising perspectives. We offer you a masterful experience in which human stories and perspectives stimulate reflection and imagination. Of course, you can also simply come here to enjoy our paintings unabashed.

Rembrandt De Anatomische Les Van Dr Nicolaes Tulp Mauritshuis

Masterly & Human

Just as Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer excelled in painting, we also wish to excel in hospitality. We do everything we can to make you feel at home in our museum. The Mauritshuis is a place where everyone is free to be themselves. We organise guided tours where we also like to hear your views. We’re always open to discussion and never shy away from difficult topics. We regularly invite musicians, athletes and artists to shed light on our collection from their personal perspectives. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to promote our paintings. Sometimes we use augmented reality and sometimes we might, for example, use fragrances. We passionately believe our collection deserves to be seen.

The Management

Our ambitions are refined under the inspiring leadership of general director Martine Gosselink and Arnoud van Dommele, business director.

Martine: 'It’s an incredible honour to be the director of the Mauritshuis. The collection emerged from a century during which millions of paintings were created, and the very best of the best are here.'

Management Team

Martine and Imke are supported by an enthusiastic management team consisting of the:

  • Judith Niessen, Head of Collection & Science
  • Walther van den Heuvel, Head of Education
  • Frans van der Avert ad interim, Head of Business Development
  • Willemijn Loeber ad interim, Head of Finance
  • Hannie Steeman, Head of Marketing & Communication
  • Marty Plas, Head of Facilities Management

Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board advises and supports us in the implementation of our long-term strategy. These bright minds from outside our organisation keep an eye on our financial health and monitor our results:

  • Ila Kasem, chairperson 
  • Ben van Doesburgh
  • Rob Lelieveld
  • Siela Ardjosemito
  • Manfred Sellink
  • Vaishali Sachdev

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of creative thinkers from outside the organisation, who help to keep us on our toes. They contribute ideas to help us enthuse as many art lovers as possible about the Mauritshuis, and to alert us to potential pitfalls.

  • Hafida Abahai 
  • Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer 
  • Allie Simonis
  • Kiza Magendane