Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have any questions about the Mauritshuis museum? To be able to help you as effectively as possible, we have made a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Can’t find your question here? Don't worry, you can contact us at and 070 - 302 34 56. We are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 18:00 hours and on weekends from 10:00 - 18:00 hours.

Tickets & Time Slots

When is the Mauritshuis open?

We are open every day, except Monday, from 10:00 - 18:00 hours. On Mondays, we open at 13:00 hours.

We have different opening hours on public holidays.

The Prince William V Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 - 17:00 hours.

Our online museum is open 24/7.

What is the Prince William V Gallery?

The Prince William V Gallery is a separate building, 5 minutes on foot from the Mauritshuis. Here you can experience part of our collection (more than 150 paintings).

Prince William V of Oranje-Nassau commissioned the construction of the gallery in 1774 to house his impressive collection of paintings.

What is the price of a ticket?

One ticket for the Mauritshuis costs € 19.00. You’ll never need to pay any extra fees for our exhibitions.

If you have a Museum Card, you’ll enjoy free admission. Students receive a discount upon presenting their student cards. The same applies to foreign students.

Please check our entry fees for other exceptions.

Where can I buy my ticket?

We offer timeslots via our online ticketshop. This is to ensure that you have adequate personal space during your museum visit. You can also buy your ticket at the ticket office in the Mauritshuis, but we may ask you to wait a while.

There is no end time for your visit.

Do I have to book in advance to visit the Mauritshuis?

At the moment we use time slots to ensure that it does not get too crowded in the museum.

You can also buy your ticket at the ticket office in the Mauritshuis, but we may ask you to wait a while.

Once inside, you can stay in the museum as long as you like. There's no end time to your time slot.

How do I book a time slot?

At our ticket shop.

Simply choose the type and number of tickets you need. Then select a date and time. The third step is to fill in your contact details.

I have a Museum Card. Do I also need to reserve a time slot?

Yes. You also need to make a reservation if you have a Museum Card, Rembrandtpas, Friends Lottery VIP card, ICOM, or NN staff badge. In the ticket shop, simply select the option, 'Museum Card', 'Friends Lottery VIP card', etc. There are no extra costs involved. Please don't forget to bring your physical discount card when visiting the Mauritshuis.

Can I also show my Museum Card on my smartphone?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your Museum Card is only valid if we can scan your physical card. Unfortunately, we also can’t scan copies either.

I have an Ooievaarspas (Stork Pass). How do I book my time slot?

In that case, you can book a time slot online without a ticket. Please don’t forget to bring your Ooievaarspas (Stork Pass) with you to the Mauritshuis.

I’ve bought tickets online, but I haven’t received them yet.

Always first check whether the payment was successful and whether the purchase amount has been debited. Furthermore, we advise you to check your junk email, spam or other email folders.

If the email with your tickets is still not found, our ticket provider Global Tickets is happy to help you.

Please go to 

I’ve reserved a time slot, but I’m unable to make it.

We totally understand that plans may change.

You can submit a request to change the date and/or time of your ticket via the website of our ticket provider Global Tickets. Please go to

It is unfortunately not possible to cancel the tickets.

How long before the start of my time slot should I be there?

Please come on time. To avoid an excessive flow of visitors, we would advise you not to be there more than 10 minutes before the start time on your ticket.

But please don't be late. Your time slot will unfortunately expire if you arrive more than 10 minutes after your start time.

Do I need to print my tickets?

No, that’s not necessary. We can also scan your tickets on your smartphone.

I’m unable to reserve a time slot online. Now what?

Please call us (070 - 302 34 56) or send us an email ( We look forward to helping you. 

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 18:00 hours and on weekends from 10:00 - 18:00 hours.

I'm walking past the Mauritshuis and I’d like to pop in right now. Can I?

Great! Have you got your smartphone with you? If so, you can access the ticket shop directly to check if we still have time slots available. Simply book one and come right in.

Or contact us, and we’ll check to see if there are any time slots available.

Oh no, I'm late for my time slot! What should I do now?

Please call us (070 - 302 34 56) or consult one of our staff members at the entrance. We’ll check to see if there’s room in one of the subsequent time slots and adjust your reservation if possible.


Exhibition - Loot

Can we tour the exhibition with a group?

Unfortunately that is not possible, as the exhibition is designed for individual visitors. You can book tours of our permanent collection here. 

Who do I need to visit the temporary exhibition first?

Loot - 10 stories has a limited capacity, due to the use of VR. By visiting the temporary exhibition first, you help us optimize the visitor experience for everyone. 

How much time does it take to visit the exhibition?

We estimate that a visit takes around 40 minutes.

Do I need to book a timeslot in advance?

Due to the limited capacity of the exhibition, it is required to book a timeslot online in advance. We don't sell tickets to this exhibition at the counter.

If I'm late, can I still enter the exhibition?

To manage crowds, we have to be a little bit strict in regards to the timed tickets. If you are somehow delayed, please consider rebooking your tickets through the support button in our online ticket shop. 

I have a ticket but can't make it to the museum. Can I rebook or get a refund?

As long as tickets are available, it is possible to rebook the tickets through the support button in our ticket shop. Refunds are only possible under certain circumstances.

How accessible is the exhibition space?

The exhibition rooms are accessible to everyone. We've designed the VR experiences in such a way, that they can also be used by persons in a wheelchair. However, they cannot be optimally experienced by people with visual impairment.

Is an audio tour available for this exhibition?

No, there are no audio tours available. The exhibition in itself offers a truly sensory experience already.

Are there any special activities?

Yes, please keep an eye on our activity calendar. On the 16th and 17th of November, the Mauritshuis hosts a symposium on the subject of looted art.


Is there an additional fee to visit the exhibition?

No, there are no additional fees. It is necessary however to book your timeslot in advance.

Can I use my 'Museumkaart'?

Oh yes! Just book your timeslot in advance.


What will I see at the Mauritshuis?

In principle, our most famous paintings, like the Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Goldfinch, are always on display.

Sometimes we lend paintings out to other museums; you can find out which ones are out on loan in our loan overview.

You’ll find our new paintings under acquisitions.

The exhibition overview tells you all there is to know about our temporary exhibitions.

Do you also offer an audio tour?

Certainly! In fact, we offer a free multimedia tour. This is where you’ll find all the different audiovisual tours you can do with your own smartphone.

Do you offer guided tours?

Yes, of course! The agenda shows you the tours on offer. You can make your reservations here.

We also offer private tours. Simply send us an email to

Is the Mauritshuis suitable for children?

Most definitely! Children voted the Mauritshuis one of the best museums in the Netherlands.

During holidays we organise various workshops and guided tours. Our smallest member of staff, Maurits Mouse loves to take children on an adventure, and children can pick up a free viewing route at the service desk.

Can I have my wedding at the Mauritshuis?

Unfortunately we are not a wedding location, and we don't offer wedding photography.

You are welcome to take pictures on our forecourt during opening hours (free of charge).

Can I rent a space to organise an event in the Mauritshuis?

Yes, that’s possible. Please find out more about renting a space on our rental page.

I have a beautiful painting. Could you tell me what it’s worth?

Unfortunately we can’t help you with that. We also can’t restore your painting.

You could however contact a specialist at the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) to examine it, or take it to Tussen Kunst en Kitsch.


Is the Mauritshuis accessible for disabled persons?

Of course! If you let our staff know that you have walking difficulties, we’ll make sure you won’t need to stay in the queue too long and you’ll get access to the lift as quickly as possible. We also have seats in a number of places inside the museum.

We also provide wheelchairs and walking sticks that you can use free of charge. If you reserve these aids in advance by telephone or email (070 - 302 34 56 / we’ll keep them ready for you; however, you can also ask for aids on the spot.

Is it possible to visit with a wheelchair and an accompanying attendant?

Yes, it’s definitely possible. We offer free tickets for all wheelchair attendants.

Please remember that you’ll need to reserve a separate time slot in advance (without a ticket). You can collect your free ticket at the box office.

Can I bring my assistance dog?

Yes. Assistance dogs are welcome, but no other pets.

Does the Mauritshuis have a lactation room?

Yes, we do. We kindly request that you let us know if you wish to use our lactation facilities in advance (070 - 302 34 56 /

One of our staff members will show you the way. You can also enquire about it on the spot.

Images and photography

Am I allowed to take pictures in the Mauritshuis?

Yes. You are always allowed to take pictures for personal use, but preferably without a flash, selfie stick or tripod. We’d love you to tag us in the social media.


I would like to make professional photo/video recordings, can I?

Please contact René Timmermans from our press department.

Am I allowed to use images of your paintings?

All our images are royalty-free and can be downloaded in high resolution from our website for non-commercial use (research/study, educational purposes, personal blogs and social media).

You can access our images on the collection page. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

Can I use your images in my publication?

Yes, you can. Please mention our credit line: Mauritshuis, The Hague.

We would also appreciate a copy of your publication. Please send it to:

Attn. Images
Postbus 536
2501 CM Den Haag

Can I use your images for commercial purposes?

We would be happy to discuss this with you. Please contact our marketing department at

Can I ask something else about image use?

Of course! Please contact us at


Lost and Found



Oh no, I forgot my coat/glasses/father at the Mauritshuis! What am I going to do?

Don't panic, we post all found objects on iLost and keep them until you come to pick them up.

It might be a better idea to call your dad directly though.


How can I change my e-mail address for the newsletter?

We get that you want to receive our newsletter on a different e-mail address.

Due to the curent privacy laws (AVG) we're unable to adjust this for you. You can do so easily yourself. 

Our newslettershave a button at the end of it, which has the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter. 

After you unsubscribe, you can subscribe to the newsletter on our website with your new e-mail address.