Jacob Ochtervelt

A Fishmonger at the Door

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Facelifts & Make-overs - stories from our conservation studio

For a long time, this painting hung high on a wall in the Prince William V Gallery: the Mauritshuis annex. Today’s striking colours and subtle details were hidden beneath a thick layer of brown varnish that was more than sixty years old. This meant that you could no longer see the three-dimensional effect of the floor. The varnish was easily removed in 2006 and a flawless painting emerged from underneath. An asset for the museum.

Can you see the year 1663 above the door opening? This also suddenly reappeared during the varnish removal. The painter made some of his best works in that year. Look, for example, at how the gleaming fabric of the skirt has been painted! The picture was given a new layer of varnish and was also reworked in places. After the application of a final varnish layer, this attractive painting was given a new place of honour in the museum.

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195 voorzijde

Jacob Ochtervelt
A Fishmonger at the Door

1663 On view in Gallery Prince Willem V



General information
Jacob Ochtervelt (Rotterdam 1634 - 1682 Amsterdam)
A Fishmonger at the Door
Gallery Prince Willem V
Material and technical details
canvas on panel
55 x 44 cm
top right, on the door post: J. Ochtervelt.f: / 1663


Simon Stinstra, Harlingen, until 1782; his sale, Amsterdam, 26 March 1783 (Lugt 3535), no. 191 (to Fouquet); Pieter Fouquet Gallery, Amsterdam, 1783; Gerrit van der Pals, Rotterdam; his sale, Rotterdam, 30 August 1824 (Lugt 10723), no. 39 (for 875 guilders to Van den Bergh); A.B. Roothaan et al. sale, Amsterdam, 29 March 1826 (Lugt 11115), no. 109 (for 1,109 guilders to Jeronimo de Vries); Eiser Gallery, Amsterdam; purchased, 1826; exhibited at the Prince William V Gallery, The Hague, since 2010