Film and photography

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We gladly open our doors to film and photography professionals who wish to make productions that bring stories of the Mauritshuis to life. 

Guidelines for visitors

In the Mauritshuis you're free to take pictures. We actually encourage it! How great is it that you want to remember your visit and share what you thought of it? Please tag us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.  

So that we can enjoy our art for centuries and for the safety it, we do ask that you turn off the flash and leave a tripod or selfie stick at home. 

Filming in the Mauritshuis is allowed if you meet the following conditions:

  • Only film with your smartphone.
  • Only shoot footage of the art on display, not the visitors.
  • Please don't bring extra light equipment, music, selfiesticks or stabilizers.
  • On some occasions our staff may prohibit you from filming.


Film and photo requests

Processing of applications to film in the museum takes approximately 7 workdays, depending on the wishes of the applicants/producers.

Requests for film and photography can be made through:

Please state the following in your application:

  • The reason for the film or photography request
  • Desired date and times
  • The size of the crew
  • Equipment needed, including: cameras, tripods and light sources. 
  • Possible additional wishes