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Mauritshuis Acquires Painting by Rembrandt’s Most Influential Teacher

16 January 2019

The Mauritshuis has for many years had an engaging and high-quality painting by Pieter Lastman (1583-1633), Rembrandt’s most influential teacher, on its wish list. This dream has now been fulfilled with the acquisition of St John the Baptist Preaching of 1627. The painting was purchased from an American owner by the Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation with the support of a private donor.

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Rembrandt…? Attribution of two Paintings in Mauritshuis Collection to be Researched

30 January 2019

After the exhibition Rembrandt and the Mauritshuis has ended, the Mauritshuis will embark on new research into two paintings in its collection to determine whether or not they are indeed by Rembrandt. The works in question are Study of an Old Man from 1650 and ‘Tronie’ of an Old Man from c. 1630-31. Both were purchased as genuine Rembrandts by then Mauritshuis director Abraham Bredius, in 1891 and 1892, but are today considered ‘doubtful’ by the museum. Both paintings will also be thoroughly restored.

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Launch of New Maurits Mouse Children’s Book during Museum Night Kids at the Mauritshuis

07 March 2019

The new picture book Maurits Mouse and Rembrandt will be launched at the Mauritshuis during Museum Night Kids on Saturday 16 March. During a special reading, the book’s authors Ingrid and Dieter Schubert will be presenting a first copy to none other than Maurits Mouse himself. The book is published by Leopold Publishers in collaboration with the Mauritshuis and ties in with the celebratory year Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age.

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Time Travel to Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson with the Mauritshuis and Nationale-Nederlanden

12 March 2019

The Mauritshuis and Nationale-Nederlanden have brought one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings to virtual life in the historic location of the Waag (Weigh House) in the heart of Amsterdam. The painting, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp of 1632, one of the museum’s most important works, is a highlight of the national ‘Rembrandt and the Golden Age’ year. The augmented reality experience, a first for a museum, allows the user to experience the anatomical theatre of 1632 digitally, and to observe Dr. Tulp and his fellow physicians, as well as the subject of their examination, the corpse of Aris Kindt. Now, 350 years after the death of the world-famous Dutch master, anyone can look over his shoulder with the Rembrandt Reality app.

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Van Kretschmar Gift
Mauritshuis receives Portrait of Van Kretschmar by Perronneau

18 March 2019

Last year the Mauritshuis received a generous gift from Jonkheer F.G.L.O. van Kretschmar: a magnificent pastel portrait by the French artist Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (c. 1715-1783), 1754. The portrait shows Jacob van Kretschmar of The Hague, the donor’s ancestor. The pastel, which had remained in the family, is a superb example of Perronneau’s work. Pastels are extremely sensitive to light, and so cannot be on permanent display, but from today the new acquisition will be exhibited for several months in Room 13.

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Mauritshuis presents an exhibition about shifting perceptions and images of Johan Maurits

02 April 2019

From 4 April, the Mauritshuis will present an exhibition devoted to the shifting perceptions and images of the man who built the Mauritshuis: Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen (1604-1679). Shifting Image – In Search of Johan Maurits will offer a variety of perspectives on Johan Maurits, from his reputation as the governor of the Dutch colony in Brazil in the seventeenth century to present-day interpretations of his life and work. In this exhibition, the Mauritshuis will show works from its collection that are related to Johan Maurits in new ways that will provide insights into our shifting image and perception of the man who built the museum. How was that image formed and how has it changed over the centuries?

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Family exhibition: Hello Rembrandt!

23 May 2019

Getting to know Rembrandt playfully, that is Hello Rembrandt!, a presentation that starts on 20 July at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Many Dutch museums are offering exhibitions for the national commemoration of Rembrandt’s death 350 years ago; but this show specifically for children is a first. Admission is free for everyone up to 18 years old.

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Four Seasons Reunited - Mauritshuis acquires three paintings by Nicolaes Berchem

18 June 2019

The Mauritshuis has acquired three allegorical paintings by Nicolaes Berchem. Together with Allegory of Summer – which has been at the Mauritshuis since 1992 - they form an exceptional ensemble.

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Emilie Gordenker New General Director of the Van Gogh Museum

16 October 2019

The Supervisory Board of the Van Gogh Museum announced today that Emilie Gordenker has been appointed General Director of the Van Gogh Museum. As of 1 February 2020 she will succeed the former General Director Axel Rüger, who is – as of 1 June 2019 - Secretary and CEO at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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George Stubbs The Man, The Horse, The Obsession

27 November 2019

From 20 February, the Mauritshuis will present an exhibition about England’s most celebrated horse painter: George Stubbs (1724-1806). This artist established his reputation with exceptional compositions of horses, which he painted in an lifelike fashion that was unprecedented. An in-depth study of the horse’s anatomy, for which the artist dissected the animals himself, laid the foundations for his success.

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