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Press Releases

Mauritshuis acquires Portrait of Jakob Omphalius by Bartholomäus Bruyn

30 June 2020

The Mauritshuis has acquired a portrait of Jakob Omphalius, painted by Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder. This reunites a husband and wife who were separated at an auction almost 125 years ago.

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Martine Gosselink new director Mauritshuis

03 February 2020

The Supervisory Board of the Mauritshuis announced today that Martine Gosselink has been appointed as General Director of the Mauritshuis. From 1 April, Gosselink will succeed former General Director Emilie Gordenker, who as of 1 February exchanged the Mauritshuis for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

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George Stubbs The Man, The Horse, The Obsession

27 November 2019

From 20 February, the Mauritshuis will present an exhibition about England’s most celebrated horse painter: George Stubbs (1724-1806). This artist established his reputation with exceptional compositions of horses, which he painted in an lifelike fashion that was unprecedented. An in-depth study of the horse’s anatomy, for which the artist dissected the animals himself, laid the foundations for his success.

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Emilie Gordenker New General Director of the Van Gogh Museum

16 October 2019

The Supervisory Board of the Van Gogh Museum announced today that Emilie Gordenker has been appointed General Director of the Van Gogh Museum. As of 1 February 2020 she will succeed the former General Director Axel Rüger, who is – as of 1 June 2019 - Secretary and CEO at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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Four Seasons Reunited - Mauritshuis acquires three paintings by Nicolaes Berchem

18 June 2019

The Mauritshuis has acquired three allegorical paintings by Nicolaes Berchem. Together with Allegory of Summer – which has been at the Mauritshuis since 1992 - they form an exceptional ensemble.

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Family exhibition: Hello Rembrandt!

23 May 2019

Getting to know Rembrandt playfully, that is Hello Rembrandt!, a presentation that starts on 20 July at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Many Dutch museums are offering exhibitions for the national commemoration of Rembrandt’s death 350 years ago; but this show specifically for children is a first. Admission is free for everyone up to 18 years old.

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