House filled with stories

The Mauritshuis's second centenary

Publiek Bekijkt schilderij van Jan Steen In Mauritshuis

This year, it will be 200 years since the Mauritshuis first opened its doors as a museum. Of course, the past two centuries have been very eventful for the Mauritshuis. Among other things, these years have seen the dramatic expansion of our collection, various renovations and extensions, a succession of directors, a growing number of international visitors, a host of books about our collection – as well as feature films about Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Goldfinch – and royal visits. In other words, the Mauritshuis is truly a House filled with Stories.

Our museum is a house filled with stories. If these walls could talk! We’ll be sharing lots of stories, in all sorts of ways. We’ll tell you how the Mauritshuis became a museum and your stories about the Mauritshuis! 

200 year Mauritshuis

“Don't go to any other museum, go to the Mauritshuis!”
Paul Rem
Senior Curator Paleis Het Loo

Animation series 200 years Mauritshuis