Alone with Vermeer - 'The most beautiful painting in the world'

26 September 2020 - 3 January 2021

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September 26, 2020 - January 3, 2021 - The exhibition Only with Vermeer consisted only of Vermeer's View of Delft, according to the famous French writer Marcel Proust "the most beautiful painting in the world". As a visitor you were given the opportunity to be completely alone in the room with this beautiful painting. Few works in the world can support an exhibition on their own, and the View of Delft is one of them.

The exhibition

The renowned French novelist Marcel Proust visited the Mauritshuis in 1902 and was deeply impressed by Vermeer’s masterpiece. Many years later he wrote in a letter: ‘From the moment that I saw View of Delft in the museum in The Hague, I knew that I had seen the most beautiful painting in the world’.

This exhibition consists solely of the View of Delft. During a pre-booked slot, visitors will have the opportunity – either alone or in a very small group – to experience in silence the effect that this very special artwork has on them. An ideal viewing experience is being created to support this: subtle design, perfect lighting and no external sounds or distractions. Alone with Vermeer. For many this display offers the opportunity to (re)discover their favourite painting, with which they sometimes already have a strong bond, in a unique environment.

Vermeer Gezicht Op Delft Mh0092 Mauritshuis

About View of Delft

On this page we consciously choose to reveal as little as possible about the painting, especially for people who really want to visit the exhibition with an open mind. Have you become curious and do you want to prepare yourself for 'View of Delft'? Or have you already visited the exhibition and would you like to reminisce? Watch 'View of Delft explained in videos'!

To the Conservation Studio

Vermeer lovers, please note: Directly after the exhibition Alone with Vermeer - 'The most beautiful painting in the world' Vermeer's View of Delft will be moved to our conservation studio for scientific research. The painting will therefore not be on display at the Mauritshuis from 4 January through 17 January 2021.

From 18 January the famous work by Vermeer will be back on view in the Mauritshuis.

Made possible by

This presentation draws attention to the strength of our permanent collection and was created with the support of Rembrandt Society and the Turing Foundation, Nationale-Nederlanden, part of NN Group, and a private person.