Hello Vermeer!

An interactive exhibition for all the family

Mauritshuis Hallo Vermeer tentoonstelling voor de hele familie

9 July – 28 August

What did Delft smell like in Vermeer’s day? What was paint made of in the seventeenth century? And why does almost everyone love Girl with a Pearl Earring?

Come to the Mauritshuis this summer holiday and visit Hello Vermeer!, the perfect interactive exhibition for the whole family. The exhibition will take you to the world of seventeenth-century Delft, where you can discover everything you ever wanted to know about world-famous painter Johannes Vermeer. Dressing up, puzzles, films – there’s a host of things to do. See Vermeer’s masterpieces for real, and make your own version of one of his paintings at our Art Workshop, which will be offering sessions for kids aged 3 to 12 throughout the summer holiday.

Interactive exhibition for all the family

Hello Vermeer! will teach young and old all about the famous painter. Maurits the Mouse will tell you about his adventures with the girl with the pearl earring, and kids will get a chance to explore for themselves. Using a blacklight, you will be able to discover where Vermeer painted the light. Discover what paint was made of in the past and where the ingredients came from at the pharmacy on our replica seventeenth-century Delft street.

Hallo Vermeer Onderzoek Blacklight

Art Workshops

All through the summer holiday we will be running free sessions at our Art Workshop for young kids aged 3 and over, and older kids from the age of 7. They will learn to paint portraits, cityscapes and other subjects, just like real Vermeer apprentices.

Hallo Vermeer Workshop Schilderen

Vermeer and the Mauritshuis: see the real deal

After all that playing, learning and exploring, you’ll be keen to check out Vermeer’s world-famous paintings View of Delft, Diana and her Nymphs and of course Girl with a Pearl Earring for real.

Free entry for kids

Children under the age of 19 may visit the museum for free. Sessions at our Art Workshop are free for kids. Adults pay the standard entry fee, minus any discount they qualify for. A parent or other responsible adult can gain free entry with our special Holiday Pass (Vakantiepas).

Kinderen Bekijken Schilderijen In Het Museum Mauritshuis Den Haag Staand 1200