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Kinderen Bezig Met Speuropdrachtjes In Museum Het Mauritshuis Den Haag 1200

Want to colour in your own painting by Vermeer? With these Girl with a Pearl Earring and View of Delft colouring pages, you can! There’s also a colouring page of a flower still life by Roelof Savery.

If you want to colour in your pictures just like the painters did, take a look at our collection. But you can also choose your own colours if you prefer.

Colouring pages

Vermeer Meisje Met De Parel Mh670 Mauritshuis Den Haag

Colouring Page Girl with a Pearl Earring

Vermeer Gezicht Op Delft Mh0092 Mauritshuis

Colouring Page View of Delft

Jan Davidsz De Heem Vaas Met Bloemen MH1099 Mauritshuis

Colouring Page Flower Still Life


Did you know that there’s a nice Dutch song about the painting View of Delft by Johannes Vermeer? Have a listen: Harrie Jekkers, Gezicht op Delft.

Can you see the people and buildings that Harrie Jekkers is singing about in the picture?

And Spinvis recorded a song about the Girl with a Pearl Earring. You can listen to that here: Spinvis, Parel.

What name would you give the girl?

Een meisje in een roze jurkje wijst naar het schilderij 'Meisje met de Parel' van Johannes Vermeer