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We’re curious to find out what people are talking about! And by ‘people’ we mean everyone. Which subjects are close to your hearts? And what are your views on various subjects that relate to the Mauritshuis collection – or the museum itself? That’s why we’ve decided to organise a series of panel debates under the header Maurits Talks.

Episode 1: Representation in art and the media

About the panel and the theme

For the first instalment in the Maurits Talks series, VICE and the Mauritshuis brought together a number of young image makers. In the debate, they discuss the representation of people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds in the dominant visual culture. We’ve edited their discussions into a video, which will be shared from 23 November on via this page and VICE’s online channels.

Image makers Jinko Adams, Sasu Aghafua, Naomi He-Ji, Robin Ramos, Cedric Veldhuis and Mauritshuis curator Charlotte Rulkens exchange ideas and perspectives in a panel debate mediated by host and journalist Bo Hanna.

Youtube Series Maurits Talks 1

The discussion focuses on how art from the past relates – or should be treated in relation – to the spirit of our times. The panel members deal with the themes of the past, present and future and reflect on 17th-century paintings from the museum collection and diversity in today’s visual culture. The six panel members also share their own hopes and expectations when it comes to representation and diversity in the visual culture of the future.
The direct occasion for this specific debate was a new permanent presentation recently opened at the Mauritshuis, which is intended to offer a more comprehensive account of the

museum’s namegiver Johan Maurits, Dutch Brazil and the Mauritshuis’s history as a building and museum. For a number of years now, we have been going through a process of growing awareness regarding the rather one-sided perspective long presented by our institution on subjects like art, history and Johan Maurits’s colonial past. Our search for ways in which to shed light on both the positive and negative aspects of the history of the Mauritshuis and its collection is a dynamic process – and one that is still in full swing.

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Youtube Series Maurits Talks 2