Our most beautiful YouTube series

Clara Peeters Stilleven Met Kazen Amandelen En Krakelingen MH1203 Mauritshuis

An endless stream of video's about our collection.

Mini lectures from home

In these exceptional times, Geert-Jan Borgstein of the Mauritshuis takes us through the museum’s permanent display from home. We’re publishing a new video each week. To vote for which work Geert-Jan will talk about next, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Maurits Talks

We’re curious to find out what people are talking about! And by ‘people’ we mean everyone. Which subjects are close to your hearts? And what are your views on various subjects that relate to the Mauritshuis collection – or the museum itself? That’s why we’ve decided to organise a series of panel debates under the header Maurits Talks.

WATCH: Old art, new stories

Discover more about the Mauritshuis collection through our YouTube Series WATCH.

Vermeer on Screen

Together with Google Arts & Culture and a team of YouTube Creators we brought to life Vermeer's legacy in a series of mini-documentaries.

A Painting a Day

Of course, to truly experience our collection, the best way is to visit our museum. Luckely, in times like these, you can discover the collection of the Mauritshuis in different ways from home as well. Through these video's about our collection, for example.

George Stubbs - The man, the horse, the obsession

Want to enjoy more mini-lectures from home? Lea van der Vinde, curator of the exhibition George Stubbs – The Man, The Horse, The Obsession discusses the finest paintings in the exhibition from home.

George Stubbs - The man, the horse, the obsession