Nadia van Luijk

Mauritshuis Mural on Joubertplantsoen

Nadia Van Luijk Mauritshuis Mural Taste My Culture

The third Mauritshuis Mural is complete! Artist Nadia van Luijk participated in our competition, and managed to win over both the expert jury and residents of the Transvaalkwartier with her tasteful design.

Nadia took her inspiration for the mural on Joubertplantsoen from the painting Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem in the Mauritshuis collection. The design is very much in her own style, however, and in keeping with the feel of the neighbourhood.

"The spray can is a homage to street art as an art form. The water and the roots symbolise the source of all cultures. The ingredients and tasty treats exploding forth refer to all the different culinary traditions you find in the Transvaalkwartier, on the Hague Market and in the local shops."

Nadia also came up with a very appropriate title for the new mural: Taste My Culture.

Jan Davidsz de Heem

Nadia's mural Taste My Culture is based on Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem in the Mauritshuis collection. Compared with the floral still lifes of the early 17th century, this painting is a real explosion of flowers. No stiff bouquet here, but a multicoloured profusion of flowers hanging over the edge of the vase.

The dark background brings out the fresh colours of the flowers, just as in Nadia’s mural.

Jan Davidsz de Heem  Vaas met bloemen Vase of Flowers
Jan Davidsz de Heem Vase of Flowers (1670)

Wijktijgers, Crownies & Bario community centre

Along with the Wijktijgers (‘Local Tigers’) and Crownies – kids’ newsroom teams from the Bario community centre – and housing association Staedion, we went out into the neighbourhood with a selection of ten works of art from the Mauritshuis. We went from door to door asking residents which was their favourite, and so reduced the selection to three. The artists who participated in the design competition based their entry of one of the three paintings.

Nadia van Luijk

Nadia works as a painter, sculptor and graphic designer. Her creations are both realistic and surrealistic. She herself describes her work as “artistic mindfucks that reset and refresh your brain". She makes us look at the world around us in a different way.

Nadia draws inspiration from nature, culture and… food! She believes that food is the best way to explore and understand the world. Looking at her mural, you can clearly see what inspires her.

Nadia Van Luijk Mauritshuis Murals

The Transvaal neighbourhood

Nadia made this Mauritshuis Mural on a wall on Joubertplantsoen in the Transvaalkwartier neighbourhood. The Hague’s famous market is in this neighbourhood, and typifies its distinctive lively atmosphere, featuring businesses ranging from clothes shops with colourful window displays to bakeries whose delicious smells entice you in as you walk down the street. On every street corner there is a small shop that serves a faithful band of regular local customers.

And this small square by the Joubertplantsoen public gardens is no exception. It is the centre of a community that lives in several surrounding apartment buildings. It could almost be regarded as a kind of modern ‘courtyard’. When the weather is fine, the square is always buzzing with children playing, young people enjoying a game of basketball on the court, and people sitting chatting on the benches. The wall with the mural is clearly visible from the square, so many local people will pass it every day, or see it from the square.

Buurtfeest Mauritshuis Mural Taste My Culture

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The Hague Street Art
The Mauritshuis Murals project is a collaboration between the Mauristhuis and The Hague Street Art (THSA), part of Stichting AIGHT. THSA is Stichting Aight’s platform providing support for everything to do with Street Art in The Hague and the surrounding area. THSA facilitates art in public spaces, professionalising and showcasing young artists in order to prevent vandalism.

Housing association Staedion owns one in every seven homes in The Hague, renting out over 37,000 homes and 6500 other premises such as shops, commercial offices and car parks in the Haaglanden region. Staedion offers affordable housing for people in a vulnerable position on the housing market, with a focus on quality and safety. Our focus is safe, good-quality housing. We work with our residents and our partners in the community to provide a pleasant living environment for all, and were happy to make wall space available for Mauritshuis Murals – including on the housing complex on Vrederustlaan – as part of ‘Art in the Community’.


Mauritshuis Murals is sponsored by The Hague City Council, Nationale-Nederlanden and Stichting Droom en Daad.

The Hague City Council is sponsoring the Mauritshuis Murals project, in which artists from the Netherlands and abroad have been invited to enrich several neighbourhoods in The Hague with their murals. As a supporter of emerging talent, The Hague City Council is particularly interested in this aspect of Mauritshuis Murals. 

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) is the partner and main sponsor of the Mauritshuis, and is also sponsoring the Mauritshuis Murals project. As a supporter of all artistic explorers, NN is keen to get a wider audience interested in art and culture. It also gives artists an opportunity and a platform to inspire others, as a supporter of talent.

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