Nina Valkhoff

Mauritshuis Mural on Melis Stokelaan

Muralist Nina Valkhoff Werkt Aan Mauritshuis Mural Melis Stokelaan Den Haag

No painting from the Mauritshuis suits muralist Nina Valkhoff better than The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man. Inspired by this masterpiece, she created a vibrant design for a mural on Melis Stokelaan 670 in The Hague. Come and see it in person!

Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff is a muralist and illustrator from Rotterdam. Creating large-scale murals has been her passion for over 20 years. Her preference is to fill the urban landscape with murals that often feature endangered species surrounded by flowers and plants. Through her artwork, she aims to raise awareness among viewers and passersby about the existence of these animals while showcasing the immense beauty of the animal kingdom. Her vibrant artworks can be found in countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Curaçao, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Nina Valkhoff: "I find it visually appealing myself, but I also want to bring joy to people through my street art paintings."

Nina Valkhoff, Numbat In Mushroom Forest, Lissabon, Portugal, 2018.
Nina Valkhoff, Numbat in mushroom forest, Lissabon, Portugal, 2018.

Working at Heights

How do muralists manage to transfer their A4-sized designs so precisely onto a wall, especially when it's nearly 100 square meters in size? There are various techniques involved. Firstly, Nina requires a mobile aerial work platform (such as Riwal) and a safety harness to work at heights. Collaborating partner The Hague Street Art (THSA) takes care of these requirements as well as providing all the necessary paint.

Nina Valkhoff begins by creating a grid, which is a series of square sections. She overlays this grid on top of her design, enabling her to accurately map out the sketch lines on the wall. Once the sketch is on the wall, the grid lines are covered with white paint. This allows for filling in large sections with color (as seen in the photo). Gradually, more details are added to the colored areas, such as light and shadow effects, which bring the animals and plants to life with increasing realism. The end result is a mural that truly stands out!

Nina Valkhoff Mauritshuis Mural Melis Stokelaan 670 Den Haag
Nina Valkhoff is working on her Mauritshuis Mural inspired by "The Garden of Eden" by Peter Paul Rubens and Brueghel the Elder, 2023, Melis Stokelaan, The Hague.

Thumbs Up

For this mural, Nina Valkhoff created three designs inspired by the painting The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man from the Mauritshuis. Together with the Staedion neighborhood consultant, we visited all the residents in the area with the designs. Residents were able to express their preferences, and the design featuring the deer and the paradise bird was chosen!

Nina Valkhoff: "The residents responded very enthusiastically, from some who would stand on their balconies to get a better view, to friendly neighbors who would give a thumbs-up from behind their windows or offer me something to drink. Even passersby would often shout compliments as they cycled or walked by."

Animals in the Spotlight

What does Nina want to convey with her design? We asked her ourselves:

"In the design, I wanted to give prominence to two barely noticeable animals from the painting, something that you might easily overlook in the museum but now stands out prominently. This appeals to me because I see it as a metaphor for how animals are treated—they are easily overlooked or mistreated, and no one cares or pays attention. You can't ignore these animals in the mural. Additionally, they are graceful creatures, and hopefully, they bring joy to the residents and passersby."

Nina Valkhoff Mauritshuis Mural Geinspireerd Op Het Aardse Paradijs Van Rubens En Brueghel Melis Stokelaan Den Haag Foto Nanne Broere The Hague Street Art
Nina Valkhoff is working on her Mauritshuis Mural inspired by "The Garden of Eden" by Peter Paul Rubens and Brueghel the Elder, 2023, Melis Stokelaan, The Hague. Photo: Nanne Broere

Jan Brueghel the Elder & Peter Paul Rubens

This painting is a collaboration between two famous Flemish masters: Rubens and Brueghel. They created several paintings of this kind, intended as spectacular pieces that showcased the best of both artists' skills.

Brueghel was responsible for the composition, while Rubens began the painting process. He painted Adam and Eve, the tree, the horse, and the snake in a sketchy manner using thin paint. Then Brueghel took over, meticulously painting the plants and animals with opaque paint, displaying his encyclopedic precision.

Jan Brueghel De Oude Peter Paul Rubens Het Aardse Paradijs Met De Zondeval Van Adam En Eva MH253 Mauritshuisfmmt

Nina Valkhoff

Vertelt over street art

About the Neighbourhood: Moerwijk

The location of Nina Valkhoff's mural falls within the neighbourhood Moerwijk West in The Hague. This is a part of Moerwijk that may not immediately come to mind when thinking about the neighbourhood. This section of Moerwijk borders the Zuiderpark and was built in the 1950s. The typical Hague-style apartment buildings, often adorned with a façade stone, are interspersed with green areas and canals. The apartment buildings are designed in such a way that central courtyard gardens are created. Various sculptures can be found in the green areas. In the neighborhood, you can discover over 800 artworks!

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The Hague Street Art
The Mauritshuis Murals project is a collaboration between the Mauristhuis and The Hague Street Art (THSA), part of Stichting AIGHT. THSA is Stichting Aight’s platform providing support for everything to do with Street Art in The Hague and the surrounding area. THSA facilitates art in public spaces, professionalising and showcasing young artists in order to prevent vandalism.

Housing association Staedion owns one in every seven homes in The Hague, renting out over 37,000 homes and 6500 other premises such as shops, commercial offices and car parks in the Haaglanden region. Staedion offers affordable housing for people in a vulnerable position on the housing market, with a focus on quality and safety. Our focus is safe, good-quality housing. We work with our residents and our partners in the community to provide a pleasant living environment for all, and were happy to make wall space available for Mauritshuis Murals – including on the housing complex on Vrederustlaan – as part of ‘Art in the Community’.


Mauritshuis Murals is sponsored by The Hague City Council, Nationale-Nederlanden and Stichting Droom en Daad.

The Hague City Council is sponsoring the Mauritshuis Murals project, in which artists from the Netherlands and abroad have been invited to enrich several neighbourhoods in The Hague with their murals. As a supporter of emerging talent, The Hague City Council is particularly interested in this aspect of Mauritshuis Murals. 

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) is the partner and main sponsor of the Mauritshuis, and is also sponsoring the Mauritshuis Murals project. As a supporter of all artistic explorers, NN is keen to get a wider audience interested in art and culture. It also gives artists an opportunity and a platform to inspire others, as a supporter of talent.

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