Aert van der Neer

River Landscape at Sunset

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Aert van der Neer
River Landscape at Sunset

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Informations générales
Aert van der Neer (Gorinchem 1604 - 1677 Amsterdam)
River Landscape at Sunset
Détails des matériaux et techniques
46 x 63.5 cm
lower centre: AVDN
AV and DN in ligature


(?) Adriaen Blok, Haarlem, 1765; (?) Andreas Bonn, Amsterdam; Baron Johan Gijsbert Verstolk van Soelen (1776-1845), The Hague; bought together with 42 other paintings from the Verstolk van Soelen Collection by Sir Thomas Baring (1772-1848), 2nd Bart., London & Stratton Park, Hampshire, 28 June 1846 (see W.H.J. Weale & J.P. Richter, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures Belonging to the Earl of Northbrook, London 1889, pp. 202-203); by inheritance to Sir Francis Baring (1796-1866), 3rd Bart., and 1st Baron Northbrook, 1848-1866; by inheritance to Thomas George Baring (1826-1904), 1st Earl Northbrook, 1866-1904; by inheritance to Francis George Baring (1850-1929), 2nd Earl Northbrook, 1904-1929; by inheritance to his first cousin, Francis Arthur Baring; Frits Lugt, Maartensdijk and The Hague; sold by him to Eduard August Veltman (1878-1965), Bussum; sold together with 22 other paintings to Otto Wertheimer Gallery, Basel, 1951; purchased, 1953