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Past Exhibitions

Archive of past exhibitions at the Mauritshuis.

Jan Steen Vertelt.
Jan Steen, Moses and Pharaoh’s Crown, c.1670, Mauritshuis, The Hague

Jan Steen's Histories

15 February - 13 May 2018

In the exhibition Jan Steen’s Histories, the Mauritshuis exhibited a selection of Jan Steen’s finest history paintings. This seventeenth-century Dutch artist is best known as a painter of chaotic and disorderly scenes of everyday life, which gave rise to the popular Dutch proverb ‘a Jan Steen household’. But he also painted very different subjects: stories from the Bible, classical mythology and antiquity. The Mauritshuis showed – by means of twenty-one paintings – that Steen was a versatile and ambitious artist with a keen eye for amusing stories and anecdotes.

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Research Girl with a Pearl Earring Mauritshuis paintings conservator and head researcher Abbie Vandivere studies the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

The Girl in the Spotlight

26 February - 11 March 2018

At the beginning of 2018 an in-depth scientific examination of the Girl with a Pearl Earring (c. 1665) by Johannes Vermeer took place: ‘The Girl in the Spotlight’. The museum’s most famous painting was last examined in 1994, during a conservation treatment. Although further restoration is not yet required, major advances in non-invasive technical analysis have been made over the last 25 years. The Mauritshuis hopes to learn more about how Vermeer painted the Girl with a Pearl Earring, as well as the materials that he used.

More about The Girl in the Spotlight.



7 September 2017 - 14 January 2018

Better a good neighbour than a distant friend, so the saying goes. During the autumn of 2017, the Mauritshuis tells the story of Flemish portraiture using a selection of the best Flemish portraits from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp (KMSKA). The exhibition includes major works by Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling, Pieter Pourbus, Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck. Remarkably, almost all the sitters can be identified. This is why the exhibition will not only highlight what makes Flemish portraits so special, but also who appears in the pictures and how they wanted to be viewed.

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Antonello da Messina

Antonello in the Gallery

8 November - 7 January 2018

In autumn 2017 we present the fifth in our series of international masterpieces in the Prince William V Gallery. Previously on display were paintings by Caravaggio, Titian, Velázquez and Mantegna. This edition the Gallery showed The Crucifixion of Christ, an exceptional work by the Sicilian Renaissance master Antonello da Messina. Like the Flemish portraits in the Neighbours exhibition, it is on loan from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

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Clara Peeters, Stilleven met kazen, amandelen en krakelingen, c. 1615

Slow Food: Still Lifes of the Golden Age

9 March through 25 June 2017.

The Mauritshuis treats you to richly set tables piled high with tempting morsels and precious objects this spring. Slow Food: Still Lifes of the Golden Age is the first exhibition to be devoted to the development of meal still lifes.

More about Slow Food.

Andréa Mantegna (Isola di Carturo, c. 1431 - Mantoue, 1506) Ecce homo, rond 1500 Musée Jacquemart-André, Parijs

At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection

29 September 2016 – 5 February 2017.

The British royal family owns one of the finest collections of Old Master paintings in the world. The collection was brought together over many centuries by successive monarchs. The paintings normally hang behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace and other royal residences. The Mauritshuis has the great privilege of showing twenty-two of them for the duration of this exhibition.

More about At Home in Holland.

Andréa Mantegna (Isola di Carturo, c. 1431 - Mantoue, 1506) Ecce homo, rond 1500 Musée Jacquemart-André, Parijs

Mantegna in the Gallery

13 October - 18 December 2016.

The Prince William V Gallery was exhibiting the masterpiece Ecce Homo by Andrea Mantegna (circa 1431-1506), one of the most important painters of the Italian Renaissance, from 13 October through 18 December 2016. The painting will be shown alongside Old Masters such as Steen, Rubens and Potter in the special presentation Mantegna in the Gallery. This loan from the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris is the fourth international masterpiece to be presented in the Gallery. In previous years the Gallery exhibited paintings by Caravaggio, Titian and Velázquez.

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A Generous Gesture

1 September - 31 October 2016.

Room 13 of the Mauritshuis was devoted to five seventeenth century masterpieces, donated by Willem Baron van Dedem (1929-2015). The paintings form one of the most significant bequests in the museum’s history. 

The paintings are: Still Life of Tazza by Pieter Claesz, Still Life of Fruit and Wine Glasses on a Silver Plate by Willem Kalf, Brazilian Landscape with a House under Construction by Frans Post, Winter Landscape at Arnhem by Salomon van Ruysdael and Peasants Dancing outside a Bohemian Inn by Roelant Savery.

More about A Generous Gesture.

Vik Muniz: Verso

9 June - 4 September 2016.

Vik Muniz is an internationally renowned artist who lives and works in New York and Rio de Janeiro. In his audacious and surprising artworks he seeks the boundary between reality and illusion.

Muniz presented his Versos at the Mauritshuis, a project he has been working on for fifteen years. Besides famous masterpieces, Muniz also created five Versos especially for this exhibition, based on five paintings from the Mauritshuis collection, including Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Goldfinch by Fabritius, and The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt.

More about Vik Muniz: Verso.

Andy Warhol, Portrait of Queen Beatrix

In and Out of Storage

4 February - 8 May 2016.

The collection of the Mauritshuis is not only coherent and manageable in size, but also quite visible. Yet it seems a shame that the works kept in storage are never, or rarely, put on display. This is why the Mauritshuis decided to show a selection of the best and worst works kept in storage.

Presenting twenty-five paintings from our storage, this exhibition intended to answer frequently asked questions including: what kinds of paintings are kept in storage, how did they end up there and why aren’t they hanging in the galleries?

More aboutIn and Out of Storage.

Dutch Self-Portraits - Selfies of the Golden Age

Dutch Self-Portraits
Selfies of the Golden Age

8 October 2015 - 3 January 2016.

Many seventeenth-century Dutch artists have painted self-portraits, more so than in any other time or place. Some of these painters, like Rembrandt, were specialists in the area, others created only one extant self-portrait.

In the autumn of 2015 the the Mauritshuis exhibited twenty-seven outstanding examples of self-portraits from the peak of Dutch painting, in the exhibition Dutch Self-Portraits - Selfies of the Golden Age.

Velázquez at the Gallery

Velázquez at the Gallery

1 October- 29 November2015

Following presentations of Caravaggio and Titian, an exceptional masterpiece was once again on display in the Prince William V Gallery. The painting, Portrait of Don Diego de Acedo by Diego Velázquez, was a loan from the Prado in Madrid.

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660) was the most famous Spanish painter of the seventeenth century. Not only was he a contemporary of Rembrandt, but he also had a comparably virtuoso painting style.

More about Velázquez at the Gallery

Rembrandt? The Case of Saul and David

The Case of Saul and David

11 June - 13 September 2015.

The Mauritshuis has one of its most famous Rembrandts back. The full attribution of the painting Saul and David to Rembrandt is the exciting conclusion of eight years of research by a large team of international experts under the leadership of the Mauritshuis.

The carefully restored painting was the centrepiece of the exhibition Rembrandt? The Case of Saul and David.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), Comtesse d'Haussonville, 1845

The Frick Collection
Art Treasures from New York

5 februari - 10 mei 2015.

The Frick Collection is beautifully situated in the heart of New York, with a view on Central Park. It is a cherished museum, famous for the high quality of its collection. For the first time The Frick Collection lent a large part of its world-class collection: no fewer than 36 masterpieces were on display at the Mauritshuis.

More about The Frick Collection - Art Treasures from New York.

Titian in the Gallery

10 October - 7 December 2014.

In the autumn of 2014 a Titian was on display in the Prince William V Gallery: Venus Rising from the Sea from around 1520/25, a generous loan from the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh. Titian was the most influential painter of the Golden Age of Venetian art, the sixteenth century.

Titian in the Gallery was the second in a series of international masterpieces to be highlighted at the Gallery Prince William V.

Mauritshuis, The Hague

The Building

27 June 2014 - 4 January 2015.

The opening exhibition Mauritshuis - the building was the moment to share the background of our building with our visitors. The exhibition looked back at the rich history of the Mauritshuis and the illustrious residents and people who used the premises.

More about Mauritshuis - The Building.

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