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Who we are


In our house we share the best of Dutch painting from the time of Rembrandt and Vermeer.


The staff of the Mauritshuis consists of more about 70 people working in the Collections, Education, Development, Facilities Management, Finance and Marketing departments. The Mauritshuis is managed by two directors: Martine Gosselink, General Director and Renée Jongejan, Director of Operations and Finance. The management answers to the Supervisory Board.

The Mauritshuis was a state museum until 1995, at which point it became independent. The organisation established to this end, the Foundation Royal Picture Gallery of Mauritshuis, is responsible for managing the building and the collection. The management and operations of the Prince William V Gallery are also under the aegis of the Mauritshuis. Please see the annual report for more information on the organisation.


Martine Gosselink
General Director 

Martine Gosselink has been the General Director of the Mauritshuis since 01 April 2020.

Martine has been active in the cultural sector, particularly the museum sector, since completing her studies. In 1995, she graduated in art history at the University of Amsterdam with Professor Ernst van de Wetering. In that same year, she also completed her five-year internship at the Rijksmuseum and, with a partner, started her first venture: the art historical consulting and research bureau Art & Culture. The database the bureau set up at that time – the first historical database in the Netherlands – still exists: Six years later, in 2011 and with two partners, she founded the cultural collective De Nieuwe Collectie, with products such as exhibitions and publications for museums in the Netherlands, New York, Iran and Sri Lanka. From 2009 until 2020, Martine was Head of the History Department at the Rijksmuseum with responsibility for the museum’s historical programming. In this capacity she was committed to the growth of the History Department, provenance research into the museum’s colonial collections, the publication of the eight-volume Country Series and projects such as Document Nederland, the Night of History, the television series Historisch Bewijs, changing terminology and interpreting the collection by means of multiple perspectives.

Renée Jongejan
Director of Finance and Operations 

Renée Jongejan has been the Director of Finance and Operations at the Mauritshuis since 10 January 2019.

Renée has more than twenty years experience in the cultural sector, particularly in management/organisation, marketing, fundraising and structurally strategic projects. Before joining the Mauritshuis, she was Deputy Director of the Frans Hals Museum and interim Director of Zuylen Castle. Before that, she worked at the Appel Arts Centre Amsterdam (Business Manager), Toneelgroep Amsterdam (Communications Manager & Programme Coordinator and Policy Adviser). She has completed cultural-related studies at Erasmus University and the Amsterdam University of the Arts, and is currently studying business administration.

Supervisory Board

E.M.L. Moerel (chairman)
R.J.W. Lelieveld (quaestor)
A. Kasem (vice-chairman)
T. Vellenga
M.S. Sellink
B.R. Semeijns de Vries van Doesburgh
S. Ardjosemito-Jethoe 

Name and position within the SB  Appointment  Reappointment /
  reappointed per
 Step down
E.M.L. Moerel   
- Chairman
- Chairman remuneration committee
 4 June 2015  4 June 2019  4 June 2023
A. Kasem         
- Vice-chairman 
- Member audit committee
- Member remuneration committee
 15 September 2017  15 September 2021  15 September 2025
R.J.W. Lelieveld
- Quaestor
- Chairman audit committee
- Member remuneration committee
 1 April 2018  1 April 2022  1 April 2026
T. Vellenga
- Board member
 4 June 2014  4 June 2018  4 June 2022
M.S. Sellink
- Board member
 14 September 2016  14 September 2020  14 September 2024
B.R. Semeijns de Vries van Doesburgh
- Board member
 1 March 2020  1 March 2024  1 March 2028
S. Ardjosemito-Jethoe 
- Board member
 1 February 2021  1 February 2025  1 February 2029