Karel Dujardin

Italianate Landscape with Cattle

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Karel Dujardin
Italianate Landscape with Cattle

c. 1660-1670 No expuesto



Información general
Karel Dujardin (Amsterdam 1627 - 1678 Venice)
Italianate Landscape with Cattle
c. 1660-1670
Material y detalles técnicos
41 x 37 cm
lower centre: K. DU. JARDIN fec


Aert Schouman, Rotterdam, 1753; Jan and Pieter Bisschop, Rotterdam, 1753-1771; Jan Hope, Amsterdam, 1771; Hope Collection, London, until 1898; Wertheimer Gallery, London; Peter A.B. Widener, Philadelphia; J.E. Widener, Philadelphia; Widener sale, Amsterdam, (Frederik Muller), 10 July 1923, no. 108; Knoedler Gallery, New York, 1923; G.L.M. van Es, Dordrecht; his sale, Dordrecht (A. Mak), 22 September 1942, no. 122 (to Bloch); Vitale Bloch, The Hague, 1942; H. Posse; Adolf Hitler, Führermuseum, Linz; Stichting Nederlands Kunstbezit (inv. no. NK 2933); on loan from the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands, 1993-2010; transferred, 2010; exhibited in the Prince William V Gallery, The Hague, since 2010


This painting is part of the Netherlands Art Property Collection (‘NK collection’): objects that were stolen, seized or purchased during the Nazi regime. After the Second World War they were placed under the administration of the Dutch State. In recent decades, applications for restitution are taken into consideration again and some objects have been returned to the heirs of their rightful owners.

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