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I would have known what to do!
Frits Huffnagel, 23 December 2008
Had I been Alderman of City Marketing in the Golden Age, I would have known what to do! What incredibly wonderful city-marketing material was made in that time! I would have instantly commissioned Aelbert Cuyp to paint a lovely ‘view’ of The Hague. I think his picture of the Maas River near Dordrecht is just dazzling...
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Berckheyde, Golden Bend
‘My initial doubts have all but vanished'
Geert-Jan Borgstein, 18 December 2008
‘To be honest, in the beginning I had my doubts about this exhibition, because I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach it. But, in the meantime, I have come to know the show well, and, I think it is really very beautiful...’
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Municipal carillonneur visits the exhibition
Bernard Winsemius, 10 December 2008
As a performing musician in the 21st century you do not just play the notes, you also steep yourself in the backgrounds of the compositions and their composers. After all, it makes quite a difference whether a piece originated around 1600, or around 1850 at the height of Romanticism...
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Berckheyde Bavokerk Haarlem

Verwer, View of Hoorn
A stunning atmosphere
Antony Burgmans, 26 November 2008

The exhibition of Pride of Place is one of the best I have seen in recent years. It gives a remarkably intimate view and feel of life and countryside in the Netherlands during the 17th century...
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Theresa’s kiss
Laura Wielders, 19 November 2008
Boom! A salute rings out over the water near Middelburg, startling the children. But they quickly recover, looking around inquisitively and scrutinising the painting to figure out where the shot came from. They laugh when they hear a horse neighing and snigger in front of the View of Delft when Theresa kisses Steven...
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Utrecht's city rights
This week a poem on Utrecht
Ingmar Heytze, 12 November 2008

Ingmar Heytze is the unofficial Poet Laureate of the City of Utrecht. He sent us a poem on Utrecht... 
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The big surprise: an ‘abstract’ De Verwer
Han Carpay, 5 November 2008
I knew already in the 1970s, when the Rijksmuseum’s four Vermeers still hung amidst genre paintings by contemporaries in obscure rooms behind the Night Watch, that Vermeer was an abstract painter. Proof of this was the unsurpassed Vermeer exhibition held in the Mauritshuis in 1996. As luck would have it, no other paintings ‘got in the way’ of the Vermeers there...
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De Verwer, View of Hoorn

Berckheyde, Amsterdam Dam Square
A jig every day
Paul Mertz, 29 October 2008
Nary a one may be found in the Netherlands. I’m referring to beautiful, spacious, welcoming and impressive squares. Amsterdam’s Dam Square was once such a place - sometime between 1670 and 1675 - as Gerrit Berckheyde attests.

But it later went to rack and ruin. Unduly massive, ugly-as-sin new construction, and botched renovations were visited upon it. Street furnishing, tramlines, public transportation stops, pedestrian crossings...
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Pride of Place is a charming exhibition
Rienk Wiersma, 22 October 2008
I am always intrigued by the Maurithuis’s temporary exhibitions: they are often interesting, they always include truly beautiful paintings and the atmosphere in the museum is pleasant. I went to see Pride of Place shortly after it opened and I have to say, it is most charming...
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Cuyp, View of Dordrecht

Open House
Reactions at our Open House 
15 October 2008
Quite a lot of the guests at our Open House wanted to give a reaction on our new exhibition. You find some of these reactions in the movie.
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Opening Pride of Place
Emilie Gordenker, 8 October 2008
The start of an exhibition is always exciting, but this week was especially significant for me. I have been Director of the Mauritshuis since January, and this is the first time that I am opening a show with which I was closely involved. It goes without saying that most credit should go to my colleagues for their hard work and inventiveness. In the end, the paintings and their presentation are paramount...
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Open House Pride of Place

Boxes in the Golden Room
There’s work to be done!
Geert-Jan Borgstein, 1 October 2008
A lamp shines brightly on a big work table. Large boxes are lined up near it. In front of the window is a cart with tools, next to which are rolls of bubble wrap. Clearly, work is being done here. However I’m not in the museum’s depot, but rather in the very heart of the Mauritshuis...
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View of Delft
Jeroen Beelen, 24 september 2008
It is nothing short of an honour that the View of Delft by the Delft painter Johannes Vermeer was designated the calling card of the Mauritshuis’s splendid new exhibition Pride of Place! The painting is, indeed, ravishing. No wonder it is considered one of the most beautiful painted cityscapes in the world...
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Ruisdael, View of Haarlem
High-rise buildings on the Dutch skyline
Cees Dam, 17 September 2008
In the past decade, the Netherlands has been subject to a veritable plethora of high-rise construction: tall offices and residential buildings that have strongly determined or even dominated the appearance of the city and its silhouette. The resulting debate in the political, administrative, business-venturing and architecture-loving Netherlands did not fail to escape public notice...
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The proof is in the pudding
Mirjam van der Schoot, 10 September 2008
The moment of truth was at hand: first in Amsterdam, and then in The Hague. I am talking about the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam on 30 and 31 August, and the Hague Uitfestival on 7 September. (Both are fairs to publicise and promote upcoming cultural events.) On Java Island in Amsterdam an entire village had been constructed specially for the museums that wanted to present themselves to the public....
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Uitmarkt Amsterdam 2008

Vermeer, View of Delft
The shopping
Ariane van Suchtelen, 3 September 2008
People often ask me: ‘How do you come up with new ideas for exhibitions?’ and ‘How long do you actually work on a given exhibition?’ The latter question is fairly easy to answer: the Mauritshuis’s exhibition schedule is largely determined about three to four years in advance. Most shows, therefore, have a long run-up during which research is conducted, the exhibition concepts are devised and the first loans are requested...
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Thinking up a title and logo
Antia Wiersma, 27 August 2008
Thinking up a title for an exhibition is an art in itself. The logo that must then be selected has to support and better yet, reinforce the title: likewise, no easy task. The working title of the exhibition was Dutch cityscapes of the Golden Age. While it accurately conveys the show’s theme, it is merely descriptive and, frankly, rather dull. In short, it just was not catchy enough...
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Pride of Place