Golden Room Reconstruction

Gouden Zaal Ingericht

The most beautiful space in the Mauritshuis is the Golden Hall. After the fire of 1704, this reception room was decorated in the then prevailing Louis XIV style. It became an impressive whole with a lot of curling, gilding and beautiful wall and ceiling paintings by the Venetian artist Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini.

Step inside the Golden Room

Over the years much about the Golden Room has changed. But how did it look originally? You can now find out with this digital reconstruction.


This digital reconstruction is based on recent scientific research:

  • Research into the colour finish and creation of the digital reconstruction were undertaken as part of the project From Isolation to Coherence: an Integrated Technical, Visual and Historical Study of 17th and 18th Century Dutch Painting Ensemble led by Margriet van Eikema Hommes.
  • Five-year research project (2012-2017) financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Vidi grant) based at the Delft University of Technology. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Rijksmuseum are project partners.
  • Research into the original colours in Pellegrini’s paintings: Mauritshuis conservation studio in partnership with Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam, as part of the joint project Partners in Science.
  • Digital reconstruction production: DeRoDe3D. Digital impressions of the original appearance of Pellegrini’s paintings: L. de Moor.

Advisors: Willemijn Fock, Johan de Haan, Ruth Jongsma, Paula van der Heiden, Henny Brouwer, Arie Pappot, Carol Pottasch, Quentin Buvelot.

This digital reconstruction was made possible thanks to financial support from the Johan Maurits Compagnie Foundation.

Impressions of the original appearance of Pellegrini’s paintings were made possible thanks to financial support from the project From Isolation to Coherence.