Motje2 In Bloemstilleven Jan Davidsz De Heem Mauritshuis Den Haag

Good job! You finished the tasks! It probably was a bit difficult at times, but on this page you can find all the solutions.

Task: Look for the creepy crawlers

We were looking for 13 creepy crawlers. Did you find them all? Take a look:

Task: Look for the animals

We were looking for different animals in The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man by Rubens and Brueghel: guinea pigs, swans, a squirrel, pigs, a snake, a monkey, an elephant, a cat, a rooster and a crocodile. Did you find them all?

Did you also manage to find the goldfinch? Actually there were two of them, and they sit side by side on the same branch. Take a look:

De antwoorden van de zoekplaats van 'Het aardse paradijs' van Rubens en Breughel
Peter Paul Rubens Het Aardse Paradijs Met Puttertjes Mauritshuis Den Haag 965X757