Mauritshuis app

Girl with the pearl

You’ll be amazed by the Mauritshuis. Your visit to the Mauritshuis will be even more entertaining and educational with our free Mauritshuis app. Decide for yourself what you want to see! Choose any one of our theme tours or decide what you want to know about each painting. Get to know Rembrandt better, take a fresh look at the Girl with a Pearl Earring, or surprise yourself with the many hidden stories.

A different perspective

We share everything about our collection and the museum in our Mauritshuis app. And we also present the views of outside experts. For example, you could listen to what the experts at Blijdorp Zoo have to say about the animals in our paintings. Or hear what fashion activist Janice Deul finds remarkable about the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

You can also listen to the stories of our experts on our website. 

Experience the Mauritshuis with your ears

The Mauritshuis app also offers all the songs from 'Experience the Mauritshuis with your ears'. Listen to artists, such as Spinvis, MEROL, Harrie Jekkers, Willie Wartaal, De Kik, Jett Rebel and Eefje de Visser, as they bring their favourites from the collection to life.


The Mauritshuis app is available in Dutch and English. The Highlights Tour in the app is also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.



Download the free Mauritshuis app from the App Store or from Google Play at home, before your visit. That way, all you’ll need to do is open it in the museum.