The Mauritshuis in bloom

75,000 flowers at our museum

Mauritshuis Bloemengevel 01

We’re 200 years old this year and what’s a birthday party without flowers? 200 years is a milestone, and one that needs celebrating. That’s why our museum is in bloom! Not just for the exhibition In Full Bloom, but throughout the entire year. You can enjoy our floral fiesta all year long. We’re immersing you (and secretly also ourselves) in a sea of flowers, with more flowers being added each month.



Our colourful garden

Since early February, the Mauritshuis has been swathed in two colourful flower waterfalls down its façade that continue into the foyer. You can’t miss them, because we’ve also put lots of flowers by the entrance to our museum. There are no fewer than 24 flower planters on our forecourt. You’ll find different kinds of flowers in these 3D-printed containers every flowering season. Every six weeks, the planting makes way for something new. The façade and foyer are also constantly being added to with imitation flowers. In this way, the ‘impossible’ bouquet inspired by the flower still lifes of the 17th century continues to steadily grow.


Impossible bouquet

What’s so impossible about the ‘impossible’ bouquet? 17th-century artists liked to paint magnificent bouquets with flowers that never bloomed at the same time. Mission impossible, in other words. Jan Davidsz de Heem’s Vase of Flowers was the main source of inspiration for our flowers. If you compare his painting with other flower still lifes from the time, it’s a true floral explosion. A riot of colourful flowers left, right and centre. Not a wallflower in sight!

Bloemen Voorplein Mauritshuis

Flowers on the Mauritshuis Forecourt

Five things to know about the ‘impossible’ bouquet:

  • In total, the ‘impossible bouquet’ is 16 metres high
  • All 24 flower planters were 3D printed from 100% recycled household plastic waste, such as shampoo caps
  • Once a week, museum volunteers and Ten Kate Flowers & Decorations make sure that the flowers are looking their best
  • Flowers are one of the most popular things to paint
  • More than 75,000 flowers will be blooming on our forecourt this year

A new flower for every season

We started 2022 with a typical spring garden: cheerful and bright colours from all kinds of bulbs. They all bloomed at different times, giving us longer to enjoy them. In April, it was time for tulips to shine in our garden and since May, we’ve been enjoying peonies. What’s still to come on our floral menu? Stay tuned to find out!


With thanks to

The flower columns and containers were made possible with the support of:

Friends of the Mauritshuis Foundation and Johan Maurits Compagnie.