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The first Gigapixel museum in the world

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An artistic première on your screen: our gigapixel museum! Now you can walk around the rooms and see each work of art as if you were standing right in front of it. Without having to travel to The Hague. The Mauritshuis is the first museum in the world to be digitised entirely in gigapixel format. And we are very proud of that!

From the faintest brush strokes to the most beautiful colours: in the gigapixel museum, you can witness every aspect of our collection in pin-sharp detail. Step right into the Mauritshuis from home; we warmly welcome you!

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Wander through the virtual Mauritshuis

Would you like to pay a virtual visit to the Mauritshuis? No matter where you are in the world, it only takes a few clicks on your computer to take our gigapixel-sized Mauritshuis tour. Click on the button below or download the Second Canvas Mauritshuis app from the AppStore or Google Play.

You can also visit the virtual museum with one of our tour guides. If you have booked a group tour, each member of the group will receive a link. This enables everyone to participate in the tour from their own computer.

Unravel the secrets behind each masterpiece

From Vermeer, Rembrandt and Steen to Leyster, Hals and Holbein: in the gigapixel museum, you’ll discover the most beautiful stories in no fewer than 36 masterpieces.

These stories unravel the secrets of the works in text and audio clips. It’s also possible to switch between normal and infra-red image in some of the artworks. With an infra-red image, for example, you can see the adjustments the painter made during the painting process.

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From lock-down to innovation

Recording art in gigapixel format is nothing new, but digitising an entire museum is certainly unique. We started this adventure during the first lock-down in the spring of 2020. We used 360-degree cameras to make a lot of pictures of the Mauritshuis and our collection. A special digitising robot, the Madpixel ROB, meticulously captured every centimetre, plinth and corner of the museum to ensure that no detail would be missed when you enter the gigapixel museum. A whole new world will open up before you without ever having to leave your home.

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Are you coming?

Visiting the virtual Mauritshuis is an amazing experience for the young, as well as the not so young. We look forward to having you there! Click on the button below or download the Second Canvas Mauritshuis app from the AppStore or Google Play.

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